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Corn coccidia outbreak in parts of the north, pay attention to preventive measures
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Corn coccidia outbreak in parts of the north, pay attention to preventive measures

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Since the summer of this year, due to the influence of climate and comprehensive factors such as high temperature and drought, according to the customer's report, there has been a large outbreak of corn worms in the northern northern part of China, and some corn worms have already occurred in some areas. Increasing production has created a huge threat.  According to the report, the planting density is too large, the field weeds are more, and the uneven growth of the field is more serious. Under such circumstances, in order to ensure corn production, the majority of corn growers should do a good job in the prevention and control of corn slime.

So how to prevent the spread of corn armyworm?

1. Agricultural control

One is to remove the corn stalks in the field and use them as fuel or stacking to compost to kill the insects that are lurking in the stalks. Reasonable rotation, not suitable for continuous cropping,  shallow tillage and mites, reducing the number of adult insects; second, artificial killing and cultivating and weeding to eliminate larvae,  in the occurrence of armyworm larvae, weeding and weeding can be used to turn weeds and larvae under the soil to kill larvae. It also reduces field humidity and increases larval mortality.

2.Biological control

The Trichogramma is placed and used by natural enemies.

3. Physical control

The first is to trap and kill adults.  Use the phototaxis of adults to trap with blue light;  sweet and sour liquid traps adult insects,  the wine, water, sugar, vinegar in the ratio of 1:2:3:4, then add a small amount of trichlorfon, put the trap into the basin At 1 meter every day on the ground, the next morning, take back the trap and cover it to prevent the liquid from evaporating.   Add a trap for 2-3 days and change the trap for 5 days.  The second is that the grass will attract eggs. The grass is loosely bundled into small pieces, inserted in the corn field, higher than the plant, changed once every 5-7 days, the replaced grass is burned, and the effect of spraying the sweet and sour liquid on the grass handle is better. All the sweet and sour pots that attract moths and eggs, and the nearby grasses, spray the medicine every 7 days to kill the larvae hatched.

4. Chemical control

Chemical control is mainly to master the time of application. Because the larvae of the armyworm larvae are older,  their resistance is stronger. According to the study, the resistance of the 5th and 6th instar larvae is 10 times higher than that of the 2nd and 3rd instar larvae. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the low-grade control of larvae in order to obtain better control effects.   To achieve early detection, early prevention and control, try to control the corn armyworm before the third age.  The prevention time is generally selected from the high-risk time of larvae feeding in the morning and evening;   the spraying part is applied as much as possible in the corn heart.

  Corn coccidia outbreak in parts of the north, pay attention to preventive measures

Foliar spray:  use 10% Avi Beetle sputum suspension [Le No worm] 50ml to a bucket of water.

Use 21% cyanopentan marathon emulsifiable oil  40ml to a bucket of water.

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