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Land transfer promotes new agrochemical marketing means - technology marketing
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Land transfer promotes new agrochemical marketing means - technology marketing

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In recent years, due to land transfer and large-scale planting, the service targets of pesticide companies have changed, and the way of pesticide marketing has also changed. In view of the current demand for large-scale planting-drug efficacy, technology, services, past good customer relations, pressure goods and other means have been unable to meet the purpose of sales increase, technology promotion,  technology marketing has become a new marketing tool, subject to various pesticides The pursuit of the enterprise.  Multinational companies started technology marketing more than 10 years ago,  and today they have formed a more complete concept and approach.

The connotation of technical marketing

In agriculture, the so-called "technology" aims to make farmers feel simple, effective, practical, and increase production and income. It is called marketing to organize the production of products according to market needs and to provide products to customers in need through sales means.  Marketing should not be limited to one department of the company, but should be reflected in all activities of the company.  The broad interpretation is a series of marketing activities based on technology as a means of marketing channels for product purchases, brand communication, after-sales service, consumer cultivation, and market development. Or it is technical services to guide consumption.

The connotation of technical marketing, the object of technical marketing,  is a kind of knowledge, a technology, not a specific product. It is a sales carrier for products.  Technical marketing should help customers master the knowledge and technology of the corresponding products, combined with the actual use in sales. The primary purpose of technical marketing is to help customers master the various knowledge and technologies related to the product and accept the product.  The development of marketing is inseparable from the support of technology. The more developed the technology, the higher the level of marketing needs to adapt. In technical marketing, marketing techniques should also be included. For example: how to choose effective target customers and how to convince customers. Technical marketing is a systematic project that requires companies, distributors, and retailers to work together as a whole.

The significance of technology marketing - multinational companies (especially the six foreign countries) are often product-guided technologies.  Because their product performance and patent protection have an absolute advantage, and the product profits are high, they often use a product as the core and invest a lot of manpower and material resources to do "technical marketing."  The products of most agrochemical enterprises in China are too homogenous.  Therefore, the technology supports,  from understanding the local cultivation and management fertilization technology and pest control principles, mastering the correct use period, usage and use methods to achieve high yield and stability. This is the "technical marketing" with Chinese characteristics.   New products and new markets need technical marketing

How to carry out technical marketing

First, select the backbone dealers and their backbone retailers, and then select the appropriate number of model households under each backbone retailer to establish a marketing skeleton.

Second, business personnel, technicians, and distributors formulate pest control programs based on major problems on major local crops, and negotiate product combinations;

Third, the conference trains dealers and retailers. The key training content is:

1. Establish the correct idea of ​​selling agricultural materials: Selling agricultural materials is not only about making money, but more importantly, helping farmers grow their fields and increase income, especially after the emergence of large farming households;

2. Do a good job in technical services and the specific content of technical services;

3, manufacturers collaborate, rely on brands, expand market space, do a good job marketing;

Fourth, farmer training and field technical guidance. Within the framework of the technical marketing network established above, the technical staff of the enterprise will open the farmer's meeting or directly to the field to provide technical guidance. Guide the product with technology;

Fifth, use various platforms to do a good job in technical services and information transmission. For example, TV lectures, information group sending, QQ group, WeChat, etc., it is best to combine various methods to achieve the least cost, the fastest time, and a little face.

Operation of the technical marketing system

In the technical marketing system, the enterprise is actually the founder and macro-controller of the system, the dealer is the specific organizer, the retailer is the actual implementer, and the model household is the propagandator.

As long as the technical marketing system is established and smoothly operated,  the most troublesome network construction and maintenance problems for manufacturers, dealers and retailers are most troubled by the problem of returning goods, farmers are most afraid of being deceived, and so on, and will gradually be resolved. Our business personnel and technicians must promptly deliver the main selling points of the products to dealers and retailers, and continue to excavate;

Retailers, dealers, and manufacturers' business and technical personnel must understand the main obstacles in local crop production and capture relevant information in a timely manner.  As long as you grasp these "points", technology marketing will be half successful.

Variation and innovation of technology marketing

Transforming channels with new science and technology. For example: e-commerce model, technology-based customization will bring new production and sales models:  for example: "personalized" products, local sales models. New ways of cultivating the market with technology: for example:  system solutions and consultative marketing (this is now an old thing).  The system solution is a problem or requirement for consumers. It uses all the technologies and resources to provide consumers with a package of methods and means to solve problems, solve consumer problems and requirements, and satisfy consumers' wishes. Achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

Salesman is the main body of promotion

• Purpose of decision: assist in completing the sales process and achieve growth

• Object-determined: the service is the farmer, the dealer is targeted

• The inevitable sales development of the pesticide industry:  large-scale plantings appear,  and the sales of the returned models cannot meet the needs of dealers.  (I also understand that foreign companies are invited to plant protection stations when they first enter the Chinese market)

• Technology marketing is technology-driven marketing,and the ultimate goal is to sell,  and in the process of completing the entire sale, technology is the catalyst.

Business development under technical marketing thinking

• Delivery return is the basic work, can not be lost

• The basic actions of technical marketing

• Dealer kicks off the meeting

• Retail store promotions

• Farmers’ meeting or planting conference

• Promotion

• Demonstration field

  Land transfer promotes new agrochemical marketing means - technology marketing

• Viewing

• Re-understanding of customer relationships: Customers are friends; feelings are based on making customers make money through our products or services.

• Large farmers and farmers are the mainstay of our services, and retail stores are the main battlefield for sales.

Technical marketing is not a simple technical service, nor is it a technology promotion for sales.  It is based on marketing activities under the promotion of technology and services.  It is a genuine service to farmers and makes pesticide companies, dealers, retail stores.  A combination of marketing tools for common development.

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