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48% mesotrione, propisochlor, atrazine SC
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48% mesotrione, propisochlor, atrazine SC

Composition:48%mesotrione,propisochlor,atrazine SCAdvantages:1. Highlysecure:TheadditionofexclusiveKA-6bio-aidenhancestheresistanceofcorn.Somespecialcornfieldscanbeused,whicharenoteasytoproducephytotoxicityandaresafeforavarietykindsofcorn.Itismadebyhigh-purityoriginalpesticidewithsyntheticpatent,whichismorepureandlessimpurity,soitissafer.Propisochlor issaferthangroundbutylamineandmetolachlorforgroundwaterandtheenvironment.2. 3dayseffective,7daysdeadweeds,moreabsorption,sotheeffectisfast,andthecontroleffectofresistantweedsisalsooutstanding.3. Thespeedofkillinggrassisfast,andtheeffectonmalignantweedsisoutstanding.4. Easytouse,savelaborandtime.Precautions:1.Itisstrictlyforbiddentomixwithinsecticidesandfungicidestopreventphytotoxicity.2.Inthecorn3-12leafstagecanbeallfieldspray,weed2-4leafstageuseeffectisbetter.Donotre-spray,donotleak.3.Donotusecornfieldwheninterplantingbroadleafcrops.4.Medicationtime:before10am,after5pmformedicationtime,avoidhightemperature.After4hoursofapplication,thereisnoneedtore-sprayintherain.5.Itisforbiddentouseorganophosphoruspesticidesfor7daysbeforeandaftermedication.Donotusemistsprayer.Specifications:100mlx25bagsx4boxes;200gx40Bottles;800gx12Bottles.





48% mesotrione, propisochlor, atrazine SC


1. Highly secure:The addition of exclusive KA-6 bio-aid enhances the resistance of corn. Some special corn fields can be used, which are not easy to produce phytotoxicity and are safe for a variety kinds of corn. It is made by high-purity original pesticide with synthetic patent, which is more pure and less impurity, so it is safer. Propisochlor is safer than ground butylamine and metolachlor for groundwater and the environment.

2. 3 days effective, 7 days dead weeds, more absorption, so the effect is fast, and the control effect of resistant weeds is also outstanding.

3. The speed of killing grass is fast, and the effect on malignant weeds is outstanding.

4. Easy to use, save labor and time.


1.It is strictly forbidden to mix with insecticides and fungicides to prevent phytotoxicity.

2.In the corn 3-12 leaf stage can be all field spray, weed 2-4 leaf stage use effect is better. Do not re-spray, do not leak.

3.Do not use corn field when interplanting broadleaf crops.

4.Medication time: before 10 am, after 5 pm for medication time, avoid high temperature. After 4 hours of application,there is no need to re-spray in the rain.

5.It is forbidden to use organophosphorus pesticides for 7 days before and after medication. Do not use mist sprayer.


100mlx25bagsx4boxes; 200gx40Bottles; 800gx12Bottles.


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