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0.1% imidacloprid GR
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0.1% imidacloprid GR






This product is a mixture of thiamethoxam, fertilizer and additives. It has contact, stomach and systemic activities, and can effectively control sugarcane aphids.

Prevent objects:


Applicable crops:

sugar cane


50~62.5 dry grams/mu adopts ditch application, and is applied when sugar cane is planted or when the ridge is loose.


1. This product is easily degraded in the presence of alkaline substances and should not be mixed with alkaline substances.

2. When applying the medicine, wear protective clothing, gloves and masks; do not eat, smoke or drink during the application; wash the hands and wash your face with soap immediately after application.

3. After cleaning the device, it is forbidden to clean the applicator in water bodies such as rivers and ponds. The waste water from the cleaning device cannot be discharged into rivers, ponds and other water sources.

4. This product is toxic to birds, fish, shrimp, bees and silkworms. Do not pollute beekeeping and sericulture sites. Apply the medicine immediately and cover the soil immediately. Keep away from ponds and water sources when applying pesticides. It is forbidden to use near the mulberry garden, and the flowering plant flowering period is prohibited. When the field used this product is replanted into mulberry trees, it must be planted in a small area to determine that the silkworm is harmless and then planted in large areas.

5. This product has a very high risk to Trichogramma, and the natural enemy release zone such as Trichogramma is prohibited.

6. Unused preparations should be stored in the original packaging and sealed. Do not put this product in the drinking or food container. Use the empty packaging, rinse it with water and dispose of it properly. Do not reuse or use it for other purposes.

7. Avoid contact with pregnant women and lactating women.

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