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18%Penoxsulam and Cyhalofop-butyl OD +Bispyribac-sodium SC.
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18%Penoxsulam and Cyhalofop-butyl OD +Bispyribac-sodium SC.

Composition:18%Penoxsulam andCyhalofop-butyl OD+Bispyribac-sodium SC.Advantages:1. Itcaneffectivelypreventannualgrassweeds,sedgesandsomebroadleafgrassesinricefields.2.Setproducts,theratioisreasonable,synergistic.3.Controlgrassforalongtime.Instructions:1.Transplantingpaddyfieldsrequiresricetransplantedtobeusedafterlivetillagetillthetilleringperiod,andusedintheheartofjaponicarice3leaves,asetofwater(15kg).2.Beforetheapplication,thefieldshouldbeleveledandkeptmoist(ifthereiswaterinthefield,itshouldbedrainedfirst),returnwaterwithin24-72hoursafterapplication,keepwaterfor5-7days,maintain3-5cmdivinglayer(tonotsubmergerice)Theheartleafshallprevail),andthewaterleakagefieldshallbereplenishedintime.3.Thesafetyofdirectseedriceishigherthanthatoftransplantedrice.Thetransplantedriceinthesouthisgenerallytransplantedfor10-15days.4.Itcanbeusedforartificialtransplantingofpaddyfieldsandmachinetransplantinginthefield,afterricetransplantinglivetreetotheearlystageoftillering.Precautions:Whentransplantingrice,itisnecessarytomastertheperiodofthebestuseoftheseedlingsuntilthetillerislived.Useonjaponicarice(mustbeabove5leavesofrice).Theuseofjaponicariceshouldbeusedundertheguidanceoflocalagronomists.2.Usericeonceaseason,donotincreasethedosage.3.Itmustbedilutedtwicebeforeuse,sprayevenly,avoidheavysprayandleakspraytoensurethesafetyandeffectofweeding;4.Aftertheapplicationofthemedicine,thereturnofwaterinthefieldisthekeymeasuretoensuretheherbicidaleffect.Donotusetheproductifthetemperatureisbelow5.20degreesCelsiusandthetemperatureis35degreesCelsius. Specifications:(100ml+50ml+50ml)×40Boxes.





18%Penoxsulam and Cyhalofop-butyl OD +Bispyribac-sodium SC.


1. It can effectively prevent annual grass weeds, sedges and some broadleaf grasses in rice fields.

2. Set products, the ratio is reasonable, synergistic.

3. Control grass for a long time.


1. Transplanting paddy fields requires rice transplanted to be used after live tillage till the tillering period, and used in the heart of japonica rice 3 leaves, a set of water (15 kg).

2. Before the application, the field should be leveled and kept moist (if there is water in the field, it should be drained first), return water within 24-72 hours after application, keep water for 5-7 days, maintain 3-5cm diving layer (to not submerge rice) The heart leaf shall prevail), and the water leakage field shall be replenished in time.

3. The safety of direct seed rice is higher than that of transplanted rice. The transplanted rice in the south is generally transplanted for 10-15 days.

4. It can be used for artificial transplanting of paddy fields and machine transplanting in the field, after rice transplanting live tree to the early stage of tillering.


When transplanting rice, it is necessary to master the period of the best use of the seedlings until the tiller is lived. Use on japonica rice (must be above 5 leaves of rice). The use of japonica rice should be used under the guidance of local agronomists.

2. Use rice once a season, do not increase the dosage.

3. It must be diluted twice before use, spray evenly, avoid heavy spray and leak spray to ensure the safety and effect of weeding;

4. After the application of the medicine, the return of water in the field is the key measure to ensure the herbicidal effect.

Do not use the product if the temperature is below 5.20 degrees Celsius and the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius.





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