In 1991, the chemical plant of Zhengzhou Chemical Experimental Institute, the predecessor of Dahe Agrochemical, was established;

In 1993, a foreign company registered and established Shengfeng Chemical (Henan) Co., Ltd., and became a designated pesticide production enterprise of the Ministry of Agriculture;

In 2003, Shengfeng Company's export volume was amazing. Shengfeng Chemical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established. In the same year, it was renamed Shengfeng Technology (Henan) Co., Ltd.;

In 2008, Zhengzhou Dahe Agrochemical was renamed as a joint-stock enterprise;

In 2012, Dahe Agrochemical and Shengfeng Technology joined forces to reorganize and establish Henan Yuanjian Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and the new production base was invested in the same year;

In 2013, sales grew by leaps and bounds, and “Vision Technology” entered the club of 100 million yuan;

In 2014, the “R&D Center” and the Biometrics Department were established;

In 2016, three branches of Shengfeng, Dahe and Honghuo were established. In the same year, it entered the 32nd place in the top 50 pesticide production and sales in the country;

In 2017, the company's marketing department was established and Guangxi Shiyi Branch was established. It has won the top 50 pesticide production and sales in the country.




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