Vision Technology always believes that science and technology are important productivity, so we adhere to the development ideas led by technology, with special emphasis on technology research and development.


Invested 10 million yuan in Zhengzhou National University Science and Technology Park to set up a vision technology R & D center, led by well-known domestic experts, senior engineer Si Yongbing and the old expert who enjoys the State Council special allowance, Professor Qu Yaoxun, to absorb a group of high-quality R & D personnel, master The proportion of students is 80%, and all the equipment used are domestic advanced experimental equipment.


The core mission of the R&D center is to develop new products, new formulations and new compounds, to provide advanced products to the market and to enhance the core competitiveness of vision technology. The establishment of the R&D center will surely make the vision technology fast-paced and quickly become a domestic first-class enterprise and participate in international competition!

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