Vision Technology provides you with full process, integration and housekeeping services. Every order, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales delivery, as well as medication guidance, we follow up and serve in time to ensure that customers can safely receive goods, correct use of goods, butler service, intimate, more worthy of your trust.


Responsive pre-sales consulting team

We provide you with telephone, QQ, WeChat, email, online communication and other ways, 7*24*365 days of responsive pre-sales consulting services to ensure that you provide quality and efficient pre-sales consulting services in a timely manner.


Professional sales support team

Highly qualified and experienced sales managers will provide you with professional product advice and marketing solutions after mastering your needs.


Strict manufacturing team

After the cooperation, the modern factory will produce high-quality products for you, and will be checked by the inspection department and the quality inspection department to ensure that the product quality meets the national and customer requirements.


Professional technical service team

The technical service team will provide you with expert-level plant protection technical guidance and promotion strategies to ensure a win-win cooperation and common development.

Henan Yuanjian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. always adheres to the corporate philosophy of “doing nothing from nothing” and insists that “service is not only a promise, but also a professional system operation. Vision because the service builds the team, because the team is durable. For the service, we Not at random."

Vision Group Zhengzhou Marketing Center now has about 120 business service teams, covering the whole country, and gradually expanding to foreign markets; and established a professional agricultural technology steering group.

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