China's famous pesticide preparation brand

Since 1991, Vision Technology has focused on pesticide preparations for more than 20 years. It has become a high-quality brand of pesticide preparations in China and a top 50 pesticide production and sales nationwide.


Our factory

The production base covers an area of nearly 100 acres, strong technical force, sophisticated technical equipment, perfect modern testing equipment, advanced fully automated production line, complete procurement and storage system, reliable quality assurance, fast logistics and distribution, source Constantly provide excellent products to the market.


Quality control

Implement the 6S management system. The product qualification rate is over 99%.

Choose a good supplier and control quality from the source. The original drugs purchased are from domestic high-quality original drug suppliers such as Jiangsu Lecco.

Layer quality inspection on the production line, strict control of the production process; good product performance, starting from the quality supervision.

Advanced testing laboratory: strictly control the production materials, control the production process, and make every product become the pride of the foresight.

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