Scientific Research Level

R&D platform construction 

In response to the national requirement of environmental protection for pesticide production, our company established the environmental protection research center for New Pesticide Formulations (hereinafter referred to as "the Center"). The Center now has four formulation research laboratories, which put into research and development of many formulations, such as, pesticide wettable powder, suspension, water emulsion/microemulsion, water dispersible granules, fertilizer granules, soluble formulations, etc... The center has established stable cooperation relationship with many universities and research institutes, such as Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Henan Agricultural University. The center absorbs talented person relies on the postdoctoral innovation practice base, provide comprehensive support for R&D work.

Laboratory Construction
The laboratory area is about 1000 square meters, with a total investment of 30 million RMB. There are 9 pilot production lines, equipped with various facilities, such as, vertical sand mill, horizontal sand mill, universal crusher and small airflow crusher, high-speed shear, granulator, mixer, ventilation kitchen, SSI high performance liquid chromatograph, Mettler analytical balance, laser particle size analyzer and analytical testing equipment, etc.

Company Honor




Quality Assurance

Establish systematic, standardized and process-oriented product inspection procedure, check every test and management link, ensure the normality of the test.

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