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Water soluble fertilizer


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1. This product is a variety of agricultural products of fermentation degradation substances, active amino acid, high absorption efficiency is good, quick effect, and the use of safe, is a kind of environmentally friendly fertilizers (2) are promote rooting flowering fruit dehiscent fruit to add color, have outstanding art effect especially makes victims back quickly growing plants 
(3) promoting flower bud differentiation and flower bud development, increasing fruit-bearing rate, flower and fruit, grain full;
  • Mature 6-8 days in advance, prolong fruit-bearing period and growth period 15 to 30 days, improve the quality of grade 1-2 4. Can effectively alleviate the adr caused by all kinds of pesticide applicable crops: wheat rice corn soybean cotton rape melons fruits and vegetables, tea, tobacco use: a variety of crops, such as traditional Chinese medicinal materials spraying on the leaf: use this product 30 ml of water for 15 to 30 kg even spraying, food crop spraying 2-3 word, economic crops 3-4 words to note:After spraying 1 hour rain should be re-spraying, spraying immediately after watering effect is better;

  • This product can be mixed with insecticides and fungicides, etc., for crop safety product specification: 30mlx20 bags x5 bags

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