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1. Belonging to young people, the most fun pesticide company

2. Play with the agricultural resources circle and grow rapidly

3. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture pesticide production enterprises, more than 100 documents

(Leading nice, 10 days paid annual leave, good company atmosphere, staff quarters)


Recruitment of pesticide marketing elite 20 people (can receive excellent interns)


Job description:

Complete the marketing work, directly to the superior manager.

Main job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sale and promotion of pesticides;

2. Actively develop new customers and build benchmark customers;

3. Responsible for the convening of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Conference;

4. Independently responsible for the promotion and promotion of regional markets, from planning to execution of all processes.


Job requirements:

1, have energy, like to think, have an innovative spirit;

2. More than one year of sales experience in large and medium-sized pesticide industry enterprises, familiar with industry market operations, and have certain on-site work experience;

3. Have a certain ability to express and technical skills;

4. Adapt to long-term business trips.

Company website:

Resume delivery email:

Human Resources Department: 0371-86553265

Company Address: 11th Floor, Guoxin Plaza, Zhongzhou Avenue, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province


Salary and benefits:

Complete five-risk social insurance, accidental commercial insurance and annual leave system, traditional holiday activities and gifts;

The company's large-scale tourism activities and internal cultural activities;

The salary and promotion training system with the most competitive advantages in the industry;

The most attractive equity incentive system and partner system;

We are waiting for you to come and be more exciting together~~~

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